Right now we are financing the second in a series of internet cafés in Bukavu, Eastern Congo. Internet access is a catalyst of peace, and the café becomes a hub for learning, culture and entrepreneurship. Get to know Innocent Misabiro, his dream of bringing internet to every person in Eastern Congo, and support our project to help making his dream come true. 


OUR GOAL: $40.000

PROJECT LINK: j.mp/2014Q4

Get to know Innocent, his dream and how you can support it

The Entrepreneur

Innocent Misabiro is a native of Bukavu, a city of one million people with very limited infrastructure. Innocent is one of few digital experts in Bukavu and spent years installing Internet access in NGO offices, during which he started his company Liason Congo. His dream is to bring the benefits of Internet to everyone in Bukavu. Piece by piece a plan emerged to start a chain of Internet cafés.          

The Challenge

Innocent knew that he must solve some difficult challenges to realize his dream. First, he must work around the electricity cuts and slow modems that cripple today’s available connections. Second, he must offer people of all ages hands-on training in how to use computers and the Internet. Both challenges require technical expertise, which is rare since people study computing at university without ever using a computer or seeing a router. Thankfully, Innocent has built a skillful team and he has been invited as the first business in Bukavu to deploy a fiber optic connection.

The Result

Innocent’s first café opened earlier this year and has already become a meeting point for people of all ages. From school kids who take their first steps into the digital world, to entrepreneurs who use the café to run their businesses. The place is busy with customers throughout the day, and has recently started evening courses and special training on Saturdays for kids in the community. From a bigger perspective, Internet access is a catalyst of peace, through learning, free speech, culture and entrepreneurship. Innocent’s goal, with support from Falling Whistles, is to turn one café into a large chain that brings these benefits to every person in Eastern Congo.

Join the Project!

 Innocent is now ready to build his second internet café, which needs an investment of $40.000. The money will pay for renting and renovating the space, internet connection, computer equipment, power generators, interiors, and for staff to manage education, technology, business and maintenance.

We need your help to make the investment, and there is two ways to contribute: buy a whistle or finance equipment directly in our store.


The whistle funds our work, during this campaign, our goal is to use 50% of the money from whistle to fund project Internet


100% of your donation will go to investment in Congolese entrepreneurs 


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