When he arrived back on U.S. soil, he wanted to tell everyone about what he had seen: the deadliest war of our time still unfolding - unnoticed and unchallenged. But war isn’t so easily brought up in casual conversation. Then a friend Marcus gave him a unique gift: a whistle on a chain. Worn around his neck, it sparked interest everywhere he went.  


That’s when they realized: Their weapon could be our voice.

They began selling whistles out of their pockets, asking everyone they met to be a whistleblower for peace.  A young man David then took a box of whistles and hitchhiked from Austin, Texas to New York City.  


 Along the way he stopped in living rooms and coffee shops with a simple message: “We don’t have all the answers, but we won’t be quiet while millions lose their lives.” Three college students were inspired by him and rode their bikes from Florida to California carrying whistles in their satchels. One by one, person by person, the message began to spread.