When war came to Congo, and those who could, fled, Dr. Jo went the opposite direction. He came home.  He has built a visionary hospital training hundreds of Congolese doctors and serving hundreds of thousands of people.

Dr. Jo is far more vibrant than the colorful photographs that try to capture him. At 67 he is abnormally energetic, an orthopedic surgeon with no plans to retire, a man of deep faith, and a guy who never passes on an opportunity to crack a good joke.

The only practice that truly matches Dr. Jo’s enthusiasm for life is his love of medical outreach for vulnerable children.

When war began in Congo’s eastern region, Dr. Jo envisioned a new generation of medical professionals who shared his passion for rural medicine, and accomplished it with excellence.

Amidst the chaos of conflict, Dr. Jo went to work. He and his wife opened a training hospital in Goma, the capital city of North Kivu, and in the heart of the war region.

The project’s survival was always in flux. For over a decade, many obstacles have tested the perseverence of Dr. Jo and his team. Goma’s volcano erupted and destroyed their facilities. They rebuilt the hospital. The global recession hit and they lost funding. They found more.  The war displaced millions.  They continue to care for them – one by one.

You bought a whistle. You cast a vote for peace in Congo. And you put $60,000 behind 260 orthopedic surgeries for disabled children. Dr. Jo is a whistleblower.  He and the team at HEAL Africa have now trained 30 young doctors, who have in turn treated thousands of war-affected Congolese.

You can donate directly to Dr. Jo and HEAL Africa here.