Made in Congo

Beautiful clothes in colorful fabrics is a trademark for women in Congo. 
However, since the production has moved to China and Thailand, the clothes are coming back with expensive taxes and it is not a question of style any longer. It’s a question of poor or rich. 

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Narcisse Bulonza Aghanze wanted to change this. She went to Uganda to acquire the art of making loinclothes, after mastering the art to a great level she went back to Congo to pass it on. 

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With 20 women by her side she started a textile business called Shalom. Not only will women in the region be able to buy beautiful clothes for a reasonable price, 20 women will also have a job and be able to support their families and put their kids through school if her project comes true. 

The average amount of children per woman in Congo is five to six so this project will create progress for at least 100 people, not just temporarily but sustainably. 


To make this project reality, we need you. 
Right now, we’re raising funds to be able to support them with the $15K it takes to make this happen. 

We’ve already got amazing help from the Yoga Challenge by Stephanie Gongora and her friends. They’ve raised almost $6000 so far.  

Here you can read more and support their campaign. All of the donations made in August through our website will support directly this project, . 

Join us towards peace in Congo.