Sekombi is the man. He and his crew of young journalists are pioneering free-speech in a warzone. They built the fastest growing radio station in Eastern Congo and gave an outlet to young and vibrant Congolese artists and thinkers.

Sekombi is the man.  Straight up. He is pioneering free-speech in a war-zone.

And he is doing it with style at Mutaani.

He is an award winning dancer, a filmmaker, an activist, a creative and an entrepreneur. And does all of this while living in Goma, a city at the heart of this war – and in a region where information is censored to satisfy political agendas.

A few years ago, Sekombi decided it was time for a different message. He rallied a young, ambitious team, and together they launched Mutaani, a radio station run by Congolese citizens, for Congolese citizens.

Every day the office is packed with young people working their tails off to deliver music and daily content to listeners in a war zone. And it’s catching on. Right now Mutaani is Goma’s #1 station.

Last November, Congo’s elections were on the horizon and violence was in the streets. People were dying.

 We did something we rarely do. We asked for donations, and you answered. You put $18,100 behind a plan developed by IDEO & Mutaani to broadcast uncensored, open-source news during a chaotic vote.

Sekombi is a whistleblower, leading a movement toward free expression in Congo. We are committed to backing his vision and that means working to make Mutaani financially sustainable.

The first step in that direction is the creation of the Mutaani Recording Studio.  A place where Congolese musicians can use high-quality technology to record, mix and master their music.  They will pay Mutaani for the studio time, and provide the radio with the freshest music coming straight from the streets of Goma.

We have put $10,000 toward phase 1 of the studio build.  This is only the beginning.

Join us.