Falling Whistles started with no home, no office and no plan—just $5 and a dream worth our everything. We pulled desks from dumpsters, put them in a garage, and launched a campaign for peace in Congo. 

We have built a coalition of 120,000 whistleblowers around the world.Including 20 Whistler Societies, and 16 Congolese entrepreneurs living in the war region. Together, we’ve joined dozens of organizations, politicians and experts to push for solutions and seen unprecedented progress.

 In 2013, we celebrated the appointments of 2 Special Envoy’s from the US and the UN with mandates to end the war. 

In 2012, a digital petition pushed to stop the M23 rebel group in its tracks by drying up its primary source of financing. In 2011, Congolese voters were given the power to monitor their own elections with SMS and radio technology. 

History tells us that all great shifts have small beginnings.

Peace in Congo, or peace anywhere for that matter, won’t come in a single dramatic leap.

It will be the accumulation of millions of steps, day after day, away from oppression and toward liberty. 

Run with us.