We believe the solutions to the challenges of Congo will come from those living within them.

So we invest in Congolese visionaries, in local entrepreneurs working to rebuild their community. After decades of war, we are looking for leaders creating progress in business, education, health and culture.

We call this strategy ”Peace in Progress” 

Working alongside a close network of partners, we identify local visionaries, raise money to finance their projects, and offer mentorship through the entire process - from creating the business plan to managing daily operations

We focus on projects that meet the following criteria: 

    -Solves a community-level problem
    -Creates sustainable jobs at a living wage
    -Presents real opportunities for growth and gives rise to adjacent businesses
    -Owned and directed by entrepreneur who lives near the project site

Our goal:

A sustainable peace requires a growing economy, and sustainable jobs. We are working to make every project profitable within a year. The project can then support itself, and pay back the investment, so we can continue to fund new projects. By proving that small-scale investments in eastern Congo can actually work, we hope to support local entrepreneurs in creating a conflict-free economy. 

Click the maps to check out the work we do throughout Eastern Congo: