Justine has organized over 30 women’s groups to form a fierce movement. The solutions to Congo will come from the Congolese, and these women are proving it.

Justine and her family are from North Kivu, a province that has known war and rape for over a decade. A region where sexual violence was once deliberately overlooked.

In 2002 Justine decided to change that. She rallied a coalition of women’s rights groups and became the bullheaded leader, demanding global action against the rape epidemic in eastern Congo.

That coalition is now called Synergie. Synergie works to physically and psychologically restore women, expose rapists, and bring these abusers to justice.

Falling Whistles has invested $10,525.00 into Synergy for workshops for survivors, and legal trials for victims. Working toward the day when women can take their rapists to court, and put them behind bars.

Just this year, Justine has received numerous death threats from the warlord Bosco.

He is rebel-leader who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court.  He is notorious for terrorizing innocent civilians and is nicknamed “The Terminator.”Justine was brave enough to speak out against Bosco. She is currently in hiding and we are actively working to support her fight. Justine is a whistleblower.