Franck has a timeless quality to him. Every morning he wakes up, puts on an impeccably tailored suit, and goes to his office at 3Tamis. There he leads a team of young, Congolese designers working together to compose graphic stories. Stories written to expose the truths of a warzone.

His hometown of Bukavu shares Congo’s eastern border with Rwanda and Burundi, making it a vibrant cross-section of unique customs and traditions.

Over the centuries, the power-hungry have used this diversity as a weapon to justify genocide, and perpetuate decades of war. Despite UN peace accords, tension hangs heavy in the region.

Franck created FestBuk as a unique solution for his neighbors to begin moving past their differences while having a great time. FestBuk is an annual, multicultural celebration that draws citizens from Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo together to eat, dance, and experience the music, fashion, and art born from their different cultures.

Franck is looking longterm with Festbuk. He believes shared experiences permeated with laughter and expression can break down cultural barriers and establish lasting friendships.

Regardless of class or heritage, festival-goers will bump shoulders on the dance floor, tell jokes in the buffet line, and exchange values in sharing art and ideas.

You bought a whistle.  You voted for peace in Congo. You provided the $13,000 that funded FestBuk 2011.

We believe art has the power to shift culture. We stand beside Franck in his vision for a united Great Lakes region and a peaceful Congo.

Franck is a whistleblower.