Christine is a hero.  In her early 20′s she left her job and rallied her family to work with hundreds of the most vulnerable children in Congo.

Christine was young when her father abandoned her family. Her mother was left to raise seven children on her own, so Christine went to work to feed her family. Then the Goma volcano erupted, displacing her family to a refugee camp. Eventually, she returned to Congo, and baked donuts to pay her way through university.

Christine finished school, scored a job, and began a new life.

But then something happened. She encountered a group of kids, living on the streets after having fled the war. Day after day she found herself going to hang out with them after work.

To Christine these were not homeless children. Congo’s future generation was growing up with the same fear and uncertainty she knew in childhood. She knew Congo could not change unless the youth were protected.

When Christine’s family found out she was working to change what they had together overcome, they decided to support her vision. As a family they pooled their resources and provided start-up costs for what is now CAMME.

Christine is our first partner. On our first trip to Congo we heard about Christine’s work and went to check it out. We stepped through those doors to find a place with so much vibrance, so much personality, and so much love, that we couldn’t help but dig deeper. Here was a place that was safe for kids who had known nothing but danger. A place that now teaches over 400 vulnerable kids the values of peace rather than violence.

When there was no money at FW, we committed to getting CAMME $3000 a month. To pull it off, we started selling whistles out of our pockets every where we went. It has been over 3 years and we have never missed a month.

Since that day FW has invested $100,869.14 into Christine’s vision. She has, very consistently, and very deliberately, put that money into art and sports therapy, a nutrition initiative feeding 330 kids every day, and life skills such as sewing, carpentry, mechanics, and photography classes. Today CAMME is a small beacon of young energy, creativity, safety and love for the kids on the streets of Congo.

Christine is a whistleblower.