The Meaning of a Whistle

Patrick, our colleague in Bukavu, took to the streets and asked people what the whistle meant to them.
He also asked if a whistle can help to create peace and their answers blew us away!

ANGELO 4.jpg

“I live in Bukavu. I am 16 years old and for me, the whistle is a warning signal, a way to be heard beyond ones wishes, ones cries, ones joy.” - Angelo

Jean Marrie 3.jpg

“I can not live without a whistle, I sleep with it and I wake up with it. It is impossible for me to manage and monitor the flock without a whistle. The whistle is power and a weapon for me. During our regions time of crisis and war, we would use the whistle to stop and finish a stage. But now it is time to use the whistle to say stop and to work toward peace.” - Jean Marrie


“I believe that peace is not merely the absence of non-state war but that it symbolizes and encompasses many things including the non-existence of different forms of structural violence. Peace is an ideal that we must always seek to achieve. The whistle is a warning, a regulator and a guide. It allows us to better guide ourselves and build a climate of peace.” - Thomas Lusambo

“I am still a student in grade 6 but already the whistle for me is very essential for humans because it is involved in several of its needs. In our country, which is the DRC, the whistle still helps in maintaining order. The whistle is also used to signal or regulate the time in absence of electricity in some schools but also in some work in the DRC. It is essential.” - Vanny Aganze

“I am a painter and I’m proud of my job. To me, peace is like brushes, it removes old dirt tracks and applies new beautiful and clear coats. The brush can transform an entire wall like peace can transform an entire people.” - John

So, now we ask, what does the whistle mean to you? Go to Instagram, post a picture of you and your whistle and let us know what #TheMeaningOfAWhistle is to you. Use the hashtag and we may feature your photo later on this week.