4 years ago, a group of friends sat down in a restaurant in Stockholm. They shared in a story, a story about a whistle and about a war, far far away. This conversation lead to the question "What do we do about it?" 

This day, the whistler society in Stockholm was formed. 

More and more people wanted to join in and help the cause work towards Peace in Congo. 

Sweden has a very particular relationship with Congo. If we look back in history it started with Swedish missionaries who were amongst the first people to document the mutilations used by the Belgian colonizers in the start of the 19th century. 

In the 60's Dag Hammarskjöld, a Swedish politician was the head of UN. He made the decision to help the congolese army fight down the rebellion in the Katanga province, a decision that most likely ended his life. His plane was shot down when flying out of the region and the death of Dag Hammarskjöld, in september 1961, is clouded in all kinds of secrets and mysteries. 

It's obviously a bit strange to say that these events, spread out with 50 years a part in history has anything to do with the movement in Sweden today but the faith of Congo and the mission of Falling Whistles really found a home in the hearts of the Swedes. 


About two years after the Stockholm Whistler society was formed 1/3 of the global revenue came out of Sweden, a country with less than 10 million citizens.  

It was clear that Sweden would have a special significance for Falling Whistles. 


We are now a group of 14 persons in Stockholm. Teachers, designers, entrepreneurs, photographers, event producers, musicians, moms and dads that use our different skill sets to move the organization forward.  

The Head quarters is now maned by two people. 

Anders Olsson who is the CEO for Falling Whistles, a job that at the moment ranges from web development, cleaning, building strategies with our partners in Congo, talking a lot on Skype and writing many emails. If you have any ideas for him, feel free to reach out anders@fallingwhistles.com

Emilia Eriksson who is the Community manager, runs our social media, builds whistles, coordinates with societies all over the world and talks with all you amazing people out there who are wearing the whistle. Emilia loves to get your stories and photos so feel free to share emilia@fallingwhistles.com 

This is a group of people with a long legacy in Falling Whistles and we are as committed as ever to the goal - Peace in Congo. 

The last few months have been spent making plans and preparing. This week we will be able to start our new way of working and sharing with you all what the result of our planning is. 

It is our hope that you will keep running with us, towards Peace in Congo! 

Sincerely yours  
Falling Whistles, now in Sweden.